How it all works...

Our quilting machines consists of a machine head (the part that does the sewing), a frame, rollers and a worktable.  The machine head (the part that does the sewing) is mounted on wheels and a track enabling it to slide freely across the entire quilt while sewing.  All the parts work together at holding all the layers of the quilt (top, batting and backing) securely in place while sewing to create beautiful and unique quilts.

Easy to operate

Very easy and lightweight to operate due to the sewing mechanism which is mounted on a wheel track system enabling it to slide freely across the entire quilt - making quilting a breeze.


Lock Stitch

Our quilting machines utilizes lock stitch technology which basically means that when a loose thread or end is pulled the quilt wont unravel or come apart.

Design freedom

Comes standard with 4 sets of beautiful designs.

Quilt almost any design (freehand) including meandering etc.

King size

With a Dream Quilt machine you can quilt various sizes from small baby quilts up to king size quilts due to the large 'quilting mouth'.

Aftermarket Sales & Support

We have been manufacturing quality quilt machines locally in South Africa since 1996. 

Dream Quilt Machines SA is the original equipment manufacturer and sole provider for Dream Quilt Machines and therefore provide long aftermarket support and sales in the form of replacement spares, parts, accessories and professional repair service. 

With a Dream Quilt Machine you have peace of mind as we are committed to provide quality quilt machines and service.


We are proud to offer a one year quality guarantee with a Dream Quilt Machine.


We delivery anywhere in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia.  **  Please note Terms & Conditions apply.